Gun Cleaning Supplies OEM/ODM Service| BorekareSep 02,2022

BoreKare has been providing the greatest quality gun cleaning kits and supplies in the market to sportsmen, the law enforcement industry, competitive shooters, and hunters since 2015.
We produce and sell high-quality products for maintaining firearms. For handgun, rifle, black powder, military, and shotgun applications, we provide Nylon Coated Rods, Bore Savers, Delrin Muzzle Guides, Adapters, Brushes, Mops, Patches, Kits, and Bulk Products.

From the start, Borekare has produced a line of high-end gun accessories that professional shooters have discovered to be noticeably better than the competition. Our products are excellent in terms of quality, comfort, and value, as well as form, fit, and functionality. Every aspect is carefully examined to provide flawless performance and total client satisfaction.
BoreKare products have become the standard in the shooting business as a result of the expansion of our technologically cutting-edge product line and ongoing efforts to improve gun maintenance.
Many dealers and businesses depend on our supplies because of our in-depth knowledge, exceptional products, and top-notch customer service.
The philosophy and motivation of BoreKare were focusing on the idea of precision and the vision of a perfectly clean firearm without a doubt. Our aim is to supply you with everything you need, from the items themselves to our operating principles.
An inexpensive investment in high-quality cleaning supplies is insurance against potential damage to the bore caused by contact with brush, patch holder, bore mop tips, or the rod itself when you consider the investment you have made in your firearm, whether it is a classic, antique, competition, or hunting firearm.
BoreKare was always there for all shooters, distributors, and dealers. We aim to carry out the best producer and are currently the industry standard for all items for maintaining and caring for firearms.
How can I purchase samples?
Send us a list of items you want to acquire then we can provide you prices and arrange to ship.
How do I make a purchase?
We accept order lists in any format, and we will promptly send you an invoice.
Where can I check the status of my delivery?
If you choose to ship express, we will give you a tracking number so you can follow your shipment. You can track through a freight forwarder whether you transport by truck, air, or marine freight.
How long will it take to deliver?
If there is inventory, the delivery window is within 15 days.
Do you provide customized OEM service?
Yes, feel free to create your own packaging and logo.
How should I place my order?
Please provide your email address, complete postal address, and phone number so that we may create an invoice for you to review and then create an order for you to pay.
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