KPC07AK | AK47 Cleaning Kit

* 4-section stainless steel rods w/rotation handle
(Effective Length: 91.7cm, exclusive of handle, Rod
diameter: 5 mm)
* 1x Utility brush head
* 2x Picks (Hooked, Straight)
* 1x Slotted tip (.223 - .308 cal)
* 1x Jag tip (.223 - .308 cal)
* 1x Chamber brush - Phosphor & Steel (7.62mm)
* 1x Chamber brush - Cotton (7.62mm)
* 1x Bore brush - Phosphor bronze (7.62 mm)
* 1x Bore brush - Cotton (7.62 mm)
* 2x Gas brushes (Nylon, Cotton)
* 1x Star chamber cleaning pad tip
* 5x Felt star chamber cleaning pads
* 10pcs cleaning patches (3.5x7.5 cm)
* 1x Clear plastic case


BoreKare Cleaning Kit is suitable for all shooters and gun owners to routinely clean AK47.
This is perfect to carry around and keep in a hunting pack for emergency situation.
Under whatever situation, this compact package of essentials is the clean set that every shooter needs.

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