KSP06R | Fieldpack IV - Rifle Cleaning Kit

5-Sec on cleaning rod with turning plas c handle - 

Ø 6mm 
2x Nylon brush in .338 Cal. 
1x Hog bristle brush in .338 Cal. 
1x Brass hooked picks 
1x Brass slo ed  ps 
1x Rope cleaner in .338 Cal. 
2x Bags of white cleaning patches 30x30 or 40x40mm. 
(50 pcs. per bag = 100 pcs. total) 
1x Empty spray bo le 
1x cleaning brush in wooden handle + pure natural 
1x Double-ended nylon brush 
M4 Threading applies to the whole kit above.
Calibers of brushes/mops to be specifified by you.


A favorite for hunter.  This is a easy-to-carry kit goes anywhere you go. Everything you need is specially designed to help maintenance for firearms.

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