About BoreKare

BoreKare (by Enjo Sports Inc), is the synonym of effective, efficient gun care and cleaning.

Specializes in the gun care industry, BoreKare has been dedicated in servicing the hunting, shooting, and tactical circle with premium gun care &cleaning products to gun owners and gunsmiths alike, through our valued B2B customers all over the world.

Products under BoreKare range from cleaning accessories, including all kinds of bore brushes, chamber brushes, bore mops (swabs), slotted tips, jag tips, utility brushes, cleaning rods, etc., to cleaning bore ropes, specific kits for either rifle, pistol, or shotgun, and universal cleaning kits that help you to maintain your gun in good condition for a clean shot.

With the great variety of our cleaning accessories, basically most of your gun care and cleaning needs can be serviced with BoreKare products. Furthermore, our flexible manufacturing capability welcome any customization requirements, in case our existing product range does not carry what you exactly look for.

Choose BoreKare, benchrest quality and clean shot performance assured.

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