BoreKare Goes The Extra Mile To Shooter's Satisfaction

Being professional manufacturer of gun cleaning & care products for over decade, BoreKare team has been dedicated in the industry, supporting passionate shooters through/behind the renowned names in the market.

We hold on to strict standard right from the very start of selecting raw materials like the phosphor bronze threads, braided cotton threads, etc. Looks simple, non-high-tech products though, the core items of gun cleaning products, i.e. the brushes, mops, and/or rope cleaners, calls for over 10 working procedures normally, before it becomes a semi-finished products to fit in a cleaning kit or other sets. And BoreKare infill our passion and rigor in every steps of the procedure, so as to produce the essential accessories at high quality.

All of the working procedures required to generate an effective and enduring brushes, mops, or rope cleaners, are done in house within our own facility. From thread assortment/bundling, bristle cutting, spinning, trimming, etc., right to the final packaging, every steps are carefully carried out by our passionate associates, and under strict supervision by our factory manager.

Due to the great assortment of essential accessories we are making in house, we work efficiently and closely with our brand name partners on lots of joint-development (customized) projects. Thus we welcome your customization projects. Do please let us know if you have any special requirement in in product planning. BoreKare team is always ready to assist.
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