How often should you clear your rifles?Mar 17,2022

How often should you clear your rifles?

Firearms need regular maintenance to ensure accuracy and precision since they are complex types of machinery. Cleaning your hunting rifles or guns is important but how often should you clean them?

There are several factors you need to consider while answering this question.
First of all, how often do you use it? Generally speaking, it is better to clean your gun after every trip to the shooting range. For defensive firearms, we suggest you give them a deep clean once a month on regular bases.
For hunting rifles, the rule of thumb is that you must clean your rifles at the beginning and end of the season. It would be nice to clean your rifles every three months if you got the leisure.
Another question is whether your firearms have been exposed to any damaging materials?

You will certainly clean your guns or rifles after exposing to water, dirt, or dust in any king.

Make sure you keep your firearms in a solid and waterproof case to prevent any possible damages.

Best Way to Clean Your Gun

To start with, a high-quality
gun cleaning kit is extremely helpful for thoroughly cleaning your shotguns after every trip to the range.
Of course, we advise you always clean in a safe, well-lit environment and triple-check that your gun is unloaded before beginning. Most firearm comes with detailed cleaning instructions in the owner’s manual. Make sure to read them carefully before cleaning.

Borekare universal gun cleaning kit with numerous types of tips and brushes can handle all cleaning situations and the kit majority of the rifles and shotguns available on the market.  

Deluxe Universal Cleaning Kit 55-pcs

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Key points

Wipe it down and clean the barrel.

Use a clean, dry rag to wipe down your gun thoroughly, then use a brush to remove any gunk and grime. You’ll then want to use a bore cleaning brush (choose one that matches the caliber of your gun) to clean the barrel.
Use a solvent

Use a firearm solvent to break up and dissolve the fouling, then use dry patches to work in and remove the solvent.
Lubricate your gun

Gun lubrication is critical to help your gun work quietly and move smoothly. keep in mind that you should always use lubricants designed for firearms rather than motor oil. Motor oil is a big “No”!
Store it in the proper case.
Store your weapon in a protective gun case is important, ensuring your rifles and guns are dry and well-protected.

What Happens If You Forget Cleaning Your Gun?

Several issues can be detrimental to your firearms if you do not take care of them after shooting and hunting for a while, such as corrosion (rust) and residue buildup.
While using corrosive ammo, you should clean your weapon after every single use.

The primers in your ammo may leave behind salts (potassium chloride or sodium chloride) when fired.

These salts mix with moisture in the air, the mixture causes corrosion that seriously damages the inside of your rifles.
Residue buildup (fouling) is another problem to be dealt with for rifle users. It is very easy for a firearm to build up grime, gases, and powder residue. In the long-term, this will eventually affect your firearms' overall performance, and your guns and rifles will not be able to fire properly.

The last thing you want is for your gun to malfunction or be inconsistent during a self-defense scenario, so please consider cleaning and maintenance a significant part of your routine.

To check out more gun cleaning kits and tools from BoreKare. Happy cleaning and happy shooting!
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