KUK04 | Universal Cleaning Kit 28-pcs

* 3-section brass rods, T-Handle, Length: 71.3cm, Rod Diameter: 5mm

* 5x Brass jag tips
* 2x Nylon slotted tip (.22, 12GA)
* 1x Brass accessory adapter
* 1x Non-woven cleaning patches
* 1x Double-end nylon utility brush (white bristle)
* 1x Nylon pick
* 8x Phosphor bronze brushes (Shotgun: 12GA, 20GA, 410; 
   Rifle: .22, .270, .30; Pistol: .357, .45)
* 5x Cotton Mops (Shotgun: 12GA, 20GA, 410; Rifle: .22, .357)
Packed in aluminum carrying case (30x19x5.2cm, 875g)


All-in-one: Universal cleaning accessory kit for used for all types of shotguns, rifles and pistol cleaning.
All tools you need to clean common caliber guns are collected in a compact case.

BoreKare cleaning tools (brushes, tips, jags, adaptors, rods, handles and etc.) are well produced with quality material in order to deliver the best cleaning power to you.

Great cleaning, great shooting!
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