KEV03U EVA Universal Kit 18-pcs

* 1x Flex cleaning cable

* T-Handle
* 8x Phosphor bronze brushes (Shotgun: 12GA, 20GA; Rifle: .30, .270, .22; Pistol: .45, .40, .357/.38)
* 2x Cotton mops (Shotgun: 12GA, 20GA)
* 2x Nylon slotted tips
* 1x Brass adapters
* 1x Double-end nylon utility brushes
* 1x Pack of cleaning patches
* 1x Accessory tray
* 1x Carrying EVA case


Multi-caliber gun cleaning kit for handguns, rifles and shotguns. It’s an ideal gun cleaning kit for new gun owners, avid range shooters, outdoorsmen and hunters.

Why Cable Instead of Cleaning Rod?
Pull-Thruogh Cable system allows for quick, but still thorough, no field-stripping bore cleaning!
It is a perfect choice for firearms that are difficult to disassemble or don't allow users to easily remove bolt.

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