KCM0425 | Rifle Cleaning Mat 12x18 Inch

• Non-scratch material protects firearms and working surfaces from scratches and spills

• Soft and porous non-woven acrylic cloth absorbs fluid quick & fast
• High resistant surface prevent components from slipping away
• Non-slip PE backing keeps mat in place and prevents soak-through
• Machine washable, simply wash and air dry to clean the mat/pad
* 460x295mm work area, 2.5mm thickness


Material: Soft and porous non-woven acrylic cloth +  PE Backing
* Oil or solvent  absorption
* Water proof, Anti-slip, washable, lightweight
Size:  915x305mm*2.5mm 和 460x295mm*2.5mm
Individual Packing provided
Customized printing as drawing

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