KSP05S Fieldpack III - Shotgun

* 1x Portable soft pouch

* 1x Accessory tray
* 3x Phos. Bronze brushes (16-10GA, 28-20GA, 410GA)
* 3x Cotton mops (16-10GA, 28-20GA, .410)
* 2x Nylon slotted tips (16-10GA, .410-20GA)
* 1x Thread adapter
* 1x Flex cable (Length: 93cm, exclusive of handle)
* 1x Detachable T-handle
* 1x pack of cleaning patches (40 sheets)


BoreKare Cleaning Kit comes in good value, and it is suitable for all shooters and gun owners to easily and effectively clean shotguns. Easy and direct to use with different sizes of brushes and mops.
Customization service is available for your request. Calibers of brushes/mops to be specified by you.
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