KSP06R | Fieldpack IV - Rifle Cleaning Kit

* 5-Sec on cleaning rod with turning plastic handle - Ø 6mm 
* 2x Nylon brush in .338 Cal. 
* 1x Hog bristle brush in .338 Cal. 
* 1x Brass hooked picks 
* 1x Brass slotted  picks 
* 1x Rope cleaner in .338 Cal. 
* 2x Bags of white cleaning patches 30x30 or 40x40mm. (50 pcs. per bag = 100 pcs. total) 
* 1x Empty spray bottle 
* 1x cleaning brush in wooden handle + pure natural bristles 
* 1x Double-ended nylon brush 
* M4 Threading applies to the whole kit above.


A favorite for hunter, easy-to-carry kit goes anywhere you go. 
Includes everything you need and is specially designed to help users maintain rifles with ease.
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